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Air/Steam Impact Hammers

MKT understands that there are many construction applications calling for a variety of high production Double-Acting Air Hammers. MKT offers six different models of double-acting air or steam driven pile hammers. Energy ratings range from 1,000 ft-lb to 19,000 plus ft. lbs and from 300 to 95 strokes/min. The unusual power and reliability of the MKT Double-Acting Hammer is primarily due to their trouble-free valve system. The B3 hammers have and continue to prove their versatility by driving to cut-off with the hammer submerged as much as 80 feet beneath surface. Also, the #5,6 & 7 have the capacity for rapid, trouble free pile extraction.


Air/Steam Impact Hammer Videos

MKT Diesel Hammers / Leads

MKT's Diesel Hammers deliver exceptional hard hitting energy and performance job after job, over a lifetime of heavy use. These lightweight, self-contained units bring superior flexibility, ease of use and mobility at a substantially lower total cost. Each hammer offers one cylinder with interchangeable ram sizes, automatic lube system, adjustable fuel delivery and an integral trip assembly. Please contact the factory for details on the MKT line of Diesel Pile Hammers.

Diesel Specs.jpg

MKT's Lead Systems provide continuing examples of custom design and service in pursuit of solutions unique to the contractor. Flexible, easily demounted components contribute to rapid set-up and fold down in work situations calling for exceptional quickness and pile driving accuracy. MKT Hydraulic Bottom Braces offer exceptionally rapid and accurate adjustments. Our standard models accommodate a broad range of fixed lead applications.

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